Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Thin Trees, Decaying Wood and Grand Designs

"The Dreamers" is my first post for today. Photographed a few months ago on Beacon Hill in the ancient village of Ovingdean in Sussex, England. A cold light creates thin silhouettes of trees whilst illuminating the patches of grass.

"Distant Memory" is my second image for today. You gotta look where you're going walking around on Shoreham Beach on the Sussex coast in England. There are quite a few decaying bits of wood and rusting bits of metal laying around. It's not surprising as the beach is near a busy industrial harbor.

The Victorian Bandstand on Brighton Seafront (England) is a subject that I return to many times. It's a stunningly ornate iron reminder of an age gone by which is why I've called this image "Victorian Beauty" . Normally I'm up on the main raised promenade photographing it but on this occasion I just happened to be down at beach level without anybody getting in the way so grabbed my chance and took this shot. Above and beyond the bandstand (the Victorians called it "The Birdcage") you can see what is now The Mercure Hotel which is an elegant Grade II listed Victorian Hotel built in 1864. 

All Photography © Justin Hill