Saturday, 29 September 2012

Light Fantastic, Dark Defense and Due West

"Seafront Shelter" is image number one for today. On the far eastern end of Brighton seafront (not far from the Marina) you will find and area called "Dukes Mound" and the "Kemp Town Slopes". It is thought that Sir Joseph Paxton (1803-1865) an English gardener and architect, best known for designing The Crystal Palace developed the terraced walks along the seafront in 1828. A few of the structures on the seafront have always baffled me. They look  as if they were once very grand but now stand forlorn, worn and empty whilst staring out to sea. I have discovered whilst trawling through the internet that a couple of these buildings on the terraces were in fact a gardener's house and also a policeman's house (apparently the policeman would allow non residents access if they were appropriately attired. I have no idea what this structure was once used as or for at all but it makes for a great image! This was shot at 19:40 pm just as the sky was beginning to darken, the orange pedestrian lighting was casting a great light over everything and forming wonderful shadows. "Dukes Mound" is notoriously unsafe at night, full of undesirables and other types that I shall not go into here for the sake of decency. I didn't hang around, it was a case of setting up the camera and tripod roughly as I wanted them beforehand and then get in, shoot and get out again. I do however think it was worth it. I love this image.

"To The Wire" is today's second image. A very simple but highly effective image. This was shot up on "Mount Pleasant" overlooking the village of Ovingdean, near Brighton on the south coast of England. On the far left you can see the English Channel helping to form a flat and perfect horizon. The silhouetted barbed wire helps lead the eye into the wild grass and rough field on the right.

Last one from me today is called "Morley Street". A view looking West over Morley Street from Ashton Rise in the city of Brighton, England. It's not the greatest shot ever taken but t does have something about it that I like...I'm not quite sure what but there's definitely something appealing there. Sun flare, shadows, silhouettes, bouncing light etc all combine to make an interesting image.

All Photography © Justin Hill