Friday, 30 November 2012

Distant Shower, Dark Ways & Seaside Stores

"Storm at Sea" :- The awesome power of nature. This is a shot of a storm over the English Channel just a the sun was dying out for the day. The little speck of light on the water is a small boat. You can clearly see the rain lashing down in places beneath the dark cloud bank but the sea remained remarkably calm.

"Bleak Perspective" :- This is Trafalgar Terrace, a tight little alleyway that runs between Gloucester Road and Trafalgar Street in Brighton, England. It's a remnant of Victorian Brighton and at night it still retains a moody and dark Dickensian feel.

"Trinkets and Knicknacks" :- This is a souvenir shop / store down on the King's Road arches on the lower promenade on Brighton seafront , England. The owner had just opened it up and was placing stands and boards outside to attract customers when I approached him and asked if it was ok to take a few photographs, he very kindly said it was. Seashell wind chimes and door hangs, fridge magnets and general seaside goodies lay within.

All Photography © Justin Hill