Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Festive Scene, Left to Rot & Metal Network

"Christmas Tree" :- It seems appropriate to post this image of a lit Christmas Tree today. This was photographed in my village of Ovingdean on the south coast of England. There's a place down on the main road that has been selling Xmas trees and wooden festive ornaments over the last few weeks. I stopped on my way past and asked them if I could take a few shots and they very kindly let me wander about the place.

"Old Barn" :- Photographed at a Gas Station on the A26 near the Black Down Roundabout by the town of Uckfield in Sussex. I was driving back from a day out in Tunbridge Wells and needed more fuel. After we'd filled up he car I ran across to the wooden fence a the side and grabbed this shot as the barn looked like a good subject to shoot.

"The Iron Giant" :- A somewhat unconventional image of Brighton's famous "Brighton Pier" (Formerly known as the "Palace Pier"). The sea was trying to make it's mind up if it should come in again or not and whilst it was thinking t had exposed the large iron legs of the pier and the vast network of metal that supports the tourists up above! It's a testament to Victorian Engineering that the pier is still standing as t was officially opened in 1899.

All Photography © Justin Hill