Saturday, 29 December 2012

Fiery Pier, Rural Coast & a Misleading Name

"Red Sky at Night" :- I very nearly didn't venture into the city on this day. I'd been busy at home and couldn't make up my mind if I could be bothered enough to find the energy to sort myself out and travel in. In the end I reasoned that a bit of fresh air would probably do me good so I grabbed my camera and drove in. I knew as I was driving along the coast road that I'd made the right choice, I could already see things starting to glow in the late afternoon sky. I managed to park (which was a miracle in itself) and wandered down to the seafront where the most breath taking sunset hit me between the eyes. The next thing I knew I was running across the pebbled beach and towards the twisted iron remains of the West Pier eager to grab as many shots as I could before the sun eventually dipped below the horizon. So here's one of the many shots I grabbed that afternoon of the West Pier and sunset from Brighton beach on the south coast of England.

"Sunkissed Sheep" :- "Beacon Hill" is a nature reserve that borders the ancient villages of Ovingdean & Rottingdean (they are both listed in the Domesday Book of 1086) on the south coast of England. Most of the time the hill is devoid of livestock but on the odd occasion sheep are left to graze up on the hill and this was one of those rare occasions. A temporary fence is erected to stop them wandering off and out onto the road, it also serves to stop dogs that are often walked on the hill from running among them and worrying the sheep.

"New Road" :- This is New Road in Brighton, England. There are a few restaurants and caf├ęs dotted along this pedestrianised precinct as well as the Dome Booking Office, Pavilion Theatre and the Theatre Royal. "New Road" was constructed in 1803 providing access around the back of the Royal Pavilion, the "Theatre Royal" was opened a few years later in 1807. New Road was once open to traffic, the pavements (sidewalks) were narrow and the entire street was congested. In 2008 the road was pedestrianized & won awards for it's re-design.

All Photography © Justin Hill