Thursday, 27 December 2012

Frozen, End Arm & Fields

"Cold Glow":- Approximately a week ago I posted a monochrome version of the same scene from a different angle and thought you might like to see how it actually looked in glorious color. This is the village pond in Rottingdean, frozen solid and duck free (they had more sense than me and were nowhere to be seen). The pub that's illuminated is "The Plough" but the village does have a few other bars that you can choose from. I'd been down on the beach catching yet another wonderful sunset and decided to call it a day once i'd lost the feeling in my fingers and toes. This shot was one of the last I took before jumping in the car and heading on back to the warmth of home.

"Navigation Light" :- Captured on the far end of the protective Eastern arm of the mighty marina in Brighton, England. It was sunny but cold and a late afternoon harsh winter light was creating shadows and sharp contrasts everywhere I looked. The mast that's central to the image supports and holds aloft the green navigation light, the end of the Western arm has the red navigation light.

"Emerald Aisles" :- And so we near the end of yet another year as 2013 fast approaches. But there are those that thought 2013 would never happen due to the fact that the world as we knew it would demise in 2012. I am in no doubt that this beautiful planet of ours will at some point change beyond belief or simply die but I have a feeling that mankind will be long gone before that happens anyway. We have this smug and idiotic ability to think that we know everything ... we don't. Some believed that a race of people that were in South America (c. AD 250–900) had the ability to correctly predict the end of the earth. Well mankind is clever but not that clever. I had to spend 30 minutes talking to my 11 year old Thai step daughter on the phone trying to explain to her that the earth was not going to end. She'd seen a news story on TV and was worried thinking that the globe was going to go bang. She asked me if the sun was going to go out and would it be dark for seven days (don't know why she thought that). I assured her that the days would continue to be both light and dark, suns would rise and fall and take their turn with the moon. Stars would still be in their rightful place and planets would continue to orbit and revolve like they always have done. But above all she would still have o go to school...

All Photography © Justin Hill