Sunday, 30 December 2012

Norman Architecture, Cropped Crop & Serene View

"Beddingham Church" :- Here's a different view of Beddinghman Church in Sussex, England. The village itself is old and very much a remnant of ancient Britain , the church is also extremely old. Much of what you see here is Norman so that would be from 1066 onward. I discovered this little church quite by accident as I was driving along a highway back towards the city of Brighton. I just happened to glance to my left and spotted it from the road so as soon as it was possible and safe to turn the car around I doubled back and managed to find my way to it.

"Cut Down" :- A very simple but effective shot. This is a field in the village of Ovingdean on he south coast of England. The farmer had just recently harvested his crop leaving the stiff rigid remains looking like soldiers lining up in their ranks. All I had to do was crouch down in the field and grab the image!

"Pastel Eve" :- A beautiful winter sky over the English Channel as seen from the cliff tops at the coastal village of Rottingdean on the south coast of England. Natures colors always amaze me.

All Photography © Justin Hill