Saturday, 29 December 2012

This Damn Nation - TDN

Ok, so having been through the solo pieces I wrote and performed as well as the GAMUT days of the 80's and Wet Fish Slap early 90's we come to the final band that I was involved with. Originally I was just helping out a friend who happened to know a few guys who needed a bass player. I owned a bass and offered to help out for a while. A few line up changes later and I was on guitar having asked another friend of mine if he'd play bass. Before we knew it the band was a solid power house of noise and THIS DAMN NATION was formed, writing and jumping around on stage! We actually managed to hit the studio a few times and record various songs of ours and the one that I present to you here was our anthem song titled TDN . You will instantly realise that this band was as far removed from Gamut and Wet Fish Slap as possible. We kicked serious butt and our slogan was Lunacy Motivated Energy Spewin Chaos ...

TDN by This Damn Nation on Grooveshark

This Damn Nation were :- 

Steve Sharp (Vocals) , Steve Cook (Bass) , Andy Birch (Drums) and Justin Hill (Guitars)