Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Falmer Freeze, River Path and Watercraft

"Land of Ice and Snow" :- This is the pond located within the small and very ancient village of Falmer near Brighton, England. It was cold enough to freeze over several inches thick in places and a light covering of snow tried to disguise the fact that there was any water in the vicinity at all. I like this image as there are no road signs, cables, pylons, cars, modern buildings thus creating a timeless feel to it all.

"Forgotten Engineers" :- Captured down by the River Adur in Shoreham, Sussex, England. The pathway takes you directly under the old railway bridge that traverses the river. The bridge was originally a wooden trestle bridge and t was opened in 1845. In 1911 the wooden version was replaced with the iron and steel girder one that you see here. The bridges supporting cylinders go 70 feet down into the river bed.

"Catamaran" :- A green catamaran sits patiently alongside others on Brighton beach , England. The large red brick building in the background on Kings Road is the 4 star Hilton Brighton Metropole hotel. Apparently the hotel is also the UK's largest residential conference centre. The architect was Alfred Waterhouse (architect of University College London and the Natural History Museum) and the hotel was built in 1890 and has 340 bedrooms.

All Photography © Justin Hill