Friday, 25 January 2013

Ominous Beach, Eternal Reverence and Limbo Light

"On The Brink" :- An incoming storm and an outgoing sun captured back in December 2012 on the beach at Ovingdean Gap near Brighton on the south coast of England. The skies had been clear when I first got to the beach but the ominous black clouds arrived shortly after adding to the overall mood of the scene.

"Deep Thought" :- A bright , hot and sunny day is a rarity in England so when we do get one I am out and about with my camera. Back in August (2012) I walked into Brighton (England) over the downs from the village of Ovingdean grabbing images along the way. I ended up taking a walk around Brighton & Preston Cemetery which is where this image was captured. I thought the female figure was very thought provoking and she seemed to exude a timeless quality that also conveyed an immense eternity.

"Beat The Bull" :- Early evening on the end of Brighton's famous pier on the south coast of England. The day was beginning to fade and the lights and illuminations had just been switched on creating a moment of seaside "limbo".

All Photography © Justin Hill