Friday, 18 January 2013

Palace Hues, Moody Faith and a Display

"Baby It's Cold Outside" :- Captured at the beginning of November 2012 this is a section of Brighton's famous Royal Pavilion on the south coast of England. It was bitterly cold with a bite in the air but that added to the clarity of everything. The warm glow coming from inside the Royal Palace was accentuated by the colors from the spotlights hitting the building.

"Altar Light" :- This is the altar within the 11th Century Church of St Wulfran's in the ancient village of Ovingdean (near Brighton), England. They have a movement activated light in operation within the church so I set up the camera where I wanted it and then stood still for 10 minutes waiting for the light to go out so I could get this moody shot in the camera.

"Old Bowls" :- This is part of the interior of a beautiful 'new' florists in Nile Street, Brighton (Sussex, England). Before opening up a shop in Brighton the owners were selling flowers in Liberty's department store on Regent Street in central London. They spotted me taking photographs outside and very kindly not only allowed me to photograph the front of their store but also offered me the chance to take a few within as well. Obviously I took them up on the offer.

All Photography © Justin Hill