Thursday, 31 January 2013

Radiate, Reflect and Contemplate

"Shine" :- Shot a day or so before the heavy snow started to fall. This is a breakwater situated on the beach between the villages of Rottingdean and Ovingdean on the south coast of England. The sun was emitting a hard winter light which was reflecting both off the sea and the breakwater causing everything to radiate and shine.

"Pavilion Pond" :- Brighton (England) is famous for very many reasons and one of the biggest is the Royal Pavilion. It's easy to forget that this was once a Royal Palace and home to the Prince Regent who went on to become King George IV. In fact it's mainly due to the Prince Regent that Brighton became so famous. The "well to do" and aristocracy thought if it was good enough for "Prinny" then it was therefore good enough for them and Brighton's place on the map was thus ensured. The "Pavilion" was built in three stages starting in 1787. It was the designer John Nash who redesigned and extended the Pavilion between 1815 and 1822 and it's his work that you sill see standing resplendent before you today. This was shot back in June 2012 during a most wonderful heatwave. The pond reflecting the Royal Pavilion is actually very small, a low viewpoint and wide angle helped create the image.

"Looks Like Rain" :- This was captured a few months ago on farmland above Patcham (a suburb of Brighton, England). I'd been visiting a monument called "The Chattri" (a war memorial to the fallen Indian soldiers who had fought for the British Empire during the First World War) and found myself overlooking much of Brighton as well as a lot of grazing sheep. The shot was an afterthought as I liked the line of the trees and fence as well as the silhouetted gate. The clouds provided a perfect background but at the same time made me aware that I ought to head back before the rain came.

All Photography © Justin Hill