Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Gentle Lapping, Tower Light and Straight and Narrow

"Gentle Lapping" :- A view from Shoreham Beach looking out across Shoreham Harbour on the South Coast of England. Just off center and slightly to the right the old Shoreham Redoubt (Fort) can just be seen. It was completed in 1857 and was built in fear of the French attacking. It was later used as an Emergency Coastal Battery (with searchlights and artillery) during WWII. The harbour itself is still still in use to this day and sees many container ships going to and fro on a daily basis.

"Tower Light" :- What a vertigo inducing shot to try and capture this proved to be! The tripod was set reasonably low but not so low that I couldn't get down and see what I was aiming at. So I crouched down and bent my head at an angle to see what the framing looked like in the back of the camera, span out a little and promptly lost my balance ending up on my behind on the ancient and very cold stone floor. Try again. So this is the tower that's above the Chapel of St Michael (the Sailor's Chapel) within Chichester Cathedral in West Sussex, England. The tower is one of two west facing towers which are joined / connected by a gabled bay. The Cathedral's history dates back to 681 but the present Cathedral that you see today was begun in 1076 and was consecrated in 1108.

"Straight and Narrow" :- A village road high up in the mountains of Omkoi which is part of the Province of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. No ordinary village road either as this was the village road that ran directly past my front door and the view you see in this capture was what I used to see on a daily basis as I drove the motorbike to the next village to pick up supplies as well as a few cold Beer Changs for the fridge!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill