Monday, 11 November 2013

Dark Church, Blight on the Land and South by Southwest

"Dark Church" :- Deadly quiet with a distinct smell of dust in the air, I stood in the empty darkened church and waited for my eyes to adjust to the very limited light. I then noticed the gleam coming off the wooden rails and thought I'd try and capture the scene using only the available light. It is however an HDR image, so three exposures were taken to create it and I have (obviously) processed it accordingly before uploading it and unleashing it on the world. I point this out because yesterday I found myself being insulted by a fellow photographer who accused me of duping him with an image of mine. If he'd taken the time to look (instead of making his own puritanical assumptions) he would have seen that the image in question was in an album clearly named "HDR II". I hide nothing and claim nothing. My images are what I do and they are what they are. Anyway...this image was captured within St Margaret's Church (which dates from the late 12th century) in the village of Ditchling in Sussex, England.

"Blight on the Land" :- In all the years that I have lived on the south coast I have never ever seen this large and old waste / outlet pipe on the beach at Rottingdean (England) before. The funny things is I haven't seen it since either! I went back for another look recently, stood on the same section of beach and can't see any sign of it. I can only assume that the tide was extremely low that day or that workmen (Southern Water were in the area and carrying out extensive work near the beach) have since covered it over with pebbles and buried it. It's a great visual but it left me feeling very down about the world. We seem hell bent on making every that's beautiful in the world look ugly.

"South by Southwest" :- The majestic "Beacon Mill" has stood for well over 100 years looking out to sea from the top of Beacon Hill hear the village of Rottingdean in Sussex on he coast of england. She was built in 1802 and is a grade II listed smock mill. Due to her age in the late 60's and early 70's a steel frame was erected inside her to give her support as she was beginning to alarmingly lean to the north east. She's only a 5 minute drive from where live so I get to see her frequently. She's an iconic part of the south and is now a recognised seamark for ships off the coast.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill