Sunday, 3 November 2013

Heaven is a Place on Earth, A Slice of England and Historic Entrance

"Heaven is a Place on Earth" :- A dramatic sky displays the awesome power of nature over the hills and downs near the village of Ovingdean in England. Beyond the hill and bathed in the unearthly orange glow lies the city of Brighton packed to the brim with holidaymakers, day trippers and sightseers all blissfully unaware of what's going on above them.

"A Slice of England" :- Chalk cliffs form a vast majority of the southern coastline of England and it fascinates me. It literally does give you a slice of England as you can see the many different layers that went into building the country. It also makes me wonder just how far out the land continued for before it was eroded away. It literally just comes to a stop and lets the sea take over. The chalk cliffs in this image were captured Telscombe near Brighton.

"Historic Entrance" :- Here's a capture of the southern doorway and entrance of Chichester Cathedral as seen from one of its cloisters. I have to admit I got lucky with this shot. I'd set up the camera and tripod, got the angle just right and was about to shoot when a large group of people came through the doorway and invaded the frame. Muttering under my breath I patiently waited for them all to walk as slowly as they could, pausing for the odd conversation as they went and generally not caring less if they were in the way or not. Just as the last person got out the way the sunlight burst through the window at the end and turned the stonework into a wonderful creamy gold. I grabbed my shot! The Cathedral was founded in 1075 AD but was officially opened in 1108 AD. The architectural historian Nikolaus Pevsner called it "the most typical English Cathedral".

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill