Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Marina Walk, Souvenirs Jewellery Accessories and The Handover

"Marina Walk" :- Usually I am leaning over the rails or at an awkward angle trying to obtain shots of the boats, yachts and calm waters that reside within the safety of the huge walls of Brighton Marina on the south coast of England. Last time as I was wandering through it occurred to me that I was overlooking other parts of the complex that were just as visual so I grabbed this image. It's a shot of the pathway (looking towards the West) that leads between the boats and water on the left and the Marina apartments on the right. It was late afternoon and the sun was a hazy wintry patch of white which seemed to add to the chill.

"Souvenirs Jewellery Accessories" :- A little souvenir store sits tucked away in a corner on Brighton's famous Victorian pier. Many walk past without thinking twice about it or even noticing it but there's more to this booth than meets the eye as it has a fascinating history. In 1823 the Royal Suspension Chain Pier was built in Brighton, it was the first of Brighton's famous piers to be built. The pier was a landing stage for packet boats travelling from to Dieppe (France) but it also had a few attractions on it. Both Turner and Constable painted the Chain Pier during their stays in Brighton. The pier had a signal cannon and also two entrance kiosks. What you are looking at in this image is one of those original entrance kiosks from the front of the chain pier, it was rescued when the chain pier was destroyed during a storm on 4 December 1896. This kiosk is 190 years old.

"The Handover" :- Over the last weekend there were a couple of jaw droppingly great sunsets on the south coast of England. Late afternoon Friday yielded a stunning and intense fiery display and Saturday's dying sun put on a more gentle show with its pastel colours fanning out across the sky. This shot is from Saturday (16th November 2013) as i was walking along the shoreline towards brighton and it's pier. The tide was very low and calm which created a mirror like effect as it reflected the pink light from the sunset. Neither day nor night there's a point where natural light and electric light fleetingly coincide and cohabit with each other.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill