Thursday, 14 November 2013

Towards the Baptistry, Spray and Course Pond

"Towards the Baptistry" :- This is a view looking down the South aisle of Chichester Cathedral towards the Baptistry that's at the base of the South West Tower. The natural light was flooding in through the many old stone windows set in the tower and was flooding the floor at the far end with a wonderful turquoise light. The city of Chichester is in Sussex, England and its Cathedral was founded in 1075. Many Gothic styles of architecture can be seen from the late 12th century through to the 15th century and the entire Cathedral itself is rich with history.

"Spray" :- The fountain is the central focal point of the Old Steine Gardens in Brighton, Sussex, England. Having been born and bred in Brighton I have known it all my life but it's only recently that I have got to know more about it and the Old steine itself and it's all fascinating stuff. The fountain is thirty-two feet in height and sits on rocks that are in a very large cast-iron pool. In 1823 some workers were digging a trench in the Old Steine when they came across some Sarsen stones buried deep in the ground. Now, Sarsen stones were also used as the stones for the heelstone and sarsen circle uprights that are part of Stonehenge and many other megalithic monuments in southern England. It's these very stones that you can see the fountain resting on in this image as they were incorporated into the design of the fountain making it a very unique Victorian fountain. The Victoria Fountain was designed by Amon Henry Wilds and was inaugurated on 25 May 1846 in celebration of the twenty-seventh birthday of Queen Victoria. Wilds's son was also responsible for many of Brighton's buildings including Oriental Place, Sillwood Place, Hanover Crescent, Park Crescent, the Royal Newburgh Assembly Rooms and the Royal Albion Hotel.

"Course Pond" :- Just over the brow of that hill there's a small road full of houses, one of those houses is where I happen to live. I am lucky that I can be surrounded by farmland and fields one minute and then for the sake of a 10 minute drive I can be in the middle of a very famous and thriving seaside resort called Brighton. Crazy but wonderful. This image was shot on the edge of East Brighton Golf Course & I am guessing that there are many golf balls somewhere beneath that water.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill