Saturday, 28 December 2013

Fire in the Mountains, Room Service and Cemetery Gates

"Fire in the Mountains" :- Breathtaking and stunning. Mother nature shows off her beauty and sheer power in one awesome display. This shot was taken somewhere between the cities of Deva and Sebeș in Romania as were driving on route to Constanța by the Black Sea. It was a fascinating (but gruelling) journey as the scenery constantly changed as we travelled through cities, towns and villages, wide open spaces and switch back mountain roads. I thought Romania was such a beautiful looking country.

"Room Service" :- The streets of Brighton (England) are very quiet and deserted at 02:00 am in the morning. I was walking back home after a drink laden evening in one of Brighton's many bars and kept stopping along the way to grab the odd shot or two as I'd had the sense to take my camera with me. This business is located in Upper St James's Street and specialises in mid 20th century furniture, lighting, objects and art. The road and pavement were wet from the rain and the light spill caught my eye as it bounced out the window and into the street.

"Cemetery Gates" :- The Brighton and Preston Cemetery was opened in 1886 and once you enter through the ornate stone carved gate you'll find (approximately) 28 acres of grounds. The cemetery was laid out on land that was formerly Scabe's Castle Farm situated between Hartington Road and the south side of the Brighton Parochial Cemetery. The stone gate itself is constructed of terracotta, flint, and wrought iron and is dated 1885. Like a lot of Victorian architecture the gate is Gothic in style.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill