Sunday, 26 January 2014

Old Stone, Highcliff Court and Door to Nowhere

"Old Stone" :- This is an outside wall and window of St John the Baptist's Church in the village of Clayton in Sussex, England. The small Anglo-Saxon structure was founded in the 11th century and is now a Grade I listed building because of its architectural and historical importance. Inside the church are many well-preserved 12th century wall paintings by monks from Lewes Priory.

"Highcliff Court" :- This is a shot of the beach at Rottingdean (near Brighton) on the south coast of England. The beach runs from miles from Brighton all the way along to Saltdean with Ovingdean and Rottingdean somewhere in between. The title of the image refers to the building that you can seen (right of center) overlooking the beach and sea. That building is a block called "Highcliff Court" and the residents that live within its apartments command some wonderful views and must have ringside seats for the sunsets. However ,there is a downside to their positioning and that comes in two stages. 1) When the weather is bad it must be terrifying due to the rough seas hammering at their feet and the winds battering the glass. 2) When it's sunny and hot you have to put up with a constant stream of tourists, day trippers and beach goers who are all trying to outdo each other in a noise contest. In this image I caught the block in a moment of tranquility.

"Door to Nowhere" :- I am not positive as to where this door leads to. I have a few assumptions and feel that I may well be guessing in the right area but to be honest I do not want to know what's behind it. I find it a much more pleasant and thought provoking curiosity to be able to look at it and have ones imagination run riot. It's the sort of thing a child does when it sees something like this, its fantasy world kicks in and its mind flies off with it. The door is located at the eastern end of Madeira Drive (which is Brighton's lower seafront road) in an area known as Duke's Mound. It's an area with a seedy and notorious reputation that I won't go into here. There's a series of pathways that make their way through the bushes (you can just make out one of the path lights). By day it's quite a pleasant walk along the paths and down to the beach but you don't want to try it a night ... not unless you have a decent pair of running shoes.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill