Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Rickety Bridge, The Big Illusion and Horse Chestnut

"Rickety Bridge" :- Before you ask, yes ... I did walk across it and it wobbled, a lot. This small but deceptively deep stream was near a waterfall high up in the mountains of Omkoi and deep within the province of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. We'd taken the motorbike out for a ride and had ended up by the waterfall and pools having a small picnic (of sorts). The bridge wasn't too high above the water (approx 1.5 meters) but it was still precariously unnerving getting across it. Why did I try? Because it was there!

"The Big Illusion" :- Sometimes the best shots are the ones that contain very little. A flat beach, a low tide, some wet sand and an immense sky during sunset all fell together to create this wonderful view. Hove has a flatter beach and the tide seems to expose more sand than it does in Brighton. I was just lucky that on that day I decided to walk along to Hove and venture down on to the beach. I had no idea the tide was going to be that low nor did I expect the dramatic sky or reflections.

"Horse Chestnut" :- A wonderful hot and sunny image to help keep the cold at bay. It was taken in July 2013 in the village of Ovingdean near Hogcroft field (on the sunny side of the fence). Just below centre you can see two horses grazing and sunning themselves beyond the horse-chestnut or conker tree (Aesculus hippocastanum). This entire area has a long and fascinating history attached to it. Ovingdean is mentioned in the Domesday book (written and compiled in 1086), the church (St Wulfran's) is 11th Century and in Hogcroft field itself a group of archaeologists discovered the remains of a medieval manor and evidence that they had been freshwater oyster farming.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill