Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Bark Light, Romanian Bicycles and A Glimpse of Summer

"Bark Light" :- This was shot late afternoon / early evening just as the lights that illuminate the pathways within Queens Park (Brighton) were turned on. The large canopies of the trees were casting heavy shadows in the dying daylight but certain sections of the lawns seemed to still glow with their greenery. The tree trunk in the foreground fascinated me because of the different plays of light on its bark. On the left hand side you could see the blue light of the evening and on its right hand side the wood glowed orange from the nearby path light. Thomas Attree was a property owner and developer in Victorian Brighton and he had some grand ideas. He bought an area known as Brighton Park and set about his plan to build a residential park with villas surrounding it. His plans were never fully met although certain aspects of his grand design (the German Spa , the Pepper Pot / Box and the two archways at Egremont Place and Park Street) can still be seen today. On the far left of my image you can clearly see the drinking fountain that was placed in the park a year after it was opened to the public. The dedication of the fountain was on the 14th October 1893. Apparently Queens Park is due to have a major makeover very soon.

"Romanian Bicycles" :- This could easily be an image of an old Victorian building in Brighton or London but it isn't. It's the outside walls of the train station in the city of Arad in Romania. Apparently it is the largest railway station in Arad and the County and is the second largest railway station in the western region of Romania. Many years ago this part of Romania was part of the Hungary which is why the building was designed by the Hungarian architect Ferenc Pfaff and opened in 1858. I don't know much else about it but it was a fascinating place to look around and explore. Knowing my love of photographing bicycles (I don't love riding them) this was a shot I had to take.

I thought this would be a great time to post this image of Brighton beach and its famous Pier basking in glorious sunshine. We have had nothing but ferocious wind, driving rain and serious storms over the last few weeks and its hard at times like these to remember just how great living by the sea can actually be. I was born here in Brighton and still love and adore the place. I admit there did come a point where I was fed up with it and hated being here but thankfully I saw the light and learned to love it even more than I had before. It's rich in so much history it's hard to believe, famous historical figures, actors, painters and authors lived here not to mention its ties with Royalty over the centuries. The oldest operating electric railway in the world is still here, Brighton Aquarium (now the SeaLife Centre) is the oldest operating Aquarium in the World (it opened on Saturday 10 August 1872), then there is the Veteran London to Brighton Car Run (the first run took place on 14 November 1896) and the Brighton Speed Trials (started in 1905). The list goes on and on and on. Brighton is a very famous place on the south coast, it's known and recognised world wide and there's a reason for that!

Photography Copyright © Justin Hill