Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Garden Gatehouse, Wet Promenade and Let The Sunshine In

"Garden Gatehouse" :- If you are lucky enough to have visited Brighton (on the south coast of England) or live there then this is a view that you'll have seen or know very well. This image is looking along the path towards the ornate North gate house of the Royal Pavilion and its gardens. Just behind me and to my right is the famous Royal Pavilion itself and in front of me to my left (just out of shot) is the entrance to the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery.The North gate house is a grade II listed three storey building. It's estimated to have been built somewhere around 1774. The north gate itself was built later in 1832 and is also a listed building. It's constructed from Portland stone and has a copper "onion" dome on top.

"Wet Promenade" :- Sky, sea, beach and promenade. A very wet and flooded promenade. Never in my life (and I have lived in Brighton since birth) have I ever seen the promenade flooded or covered in pebbles and yet over the last month or so it's become a common sight. This image was taken on Saturday (15th Feb 2014) after a previous night of raging storms and turmoil. Some sections of the promenade were closed to the public altogether due to flooding or storm damage and the promenade in Hove had more pebbles on it than the beach did!

"Let The Sunshine In" :- I thought I'd treat you all to an image that gives you a feeling of what it's like to be on Brighton's famous Victorian pier in the Summer! But it wasn't Summer at all, it was February 2012 and even though the sun was shining it was a very cold February! Because of the chill I found myself pretty much on my own as I trod the boards and made my way along to the end. Thus I was able to get a few shots of the pier without the normal multitude of tourists and day trippers getting in the way of each and every shot!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill