Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Green Carpet, Ten and Bunker Door

"Green Carpet" :- This image was shot just where Woodingdean (an eastern suburb of the city of Brighton & Hove) stops and the rolling downs take over. If you walk beyond these hills in a North Easterly direction you'll eventually stumble upon the village of Kingston and then further on the historical town of Lewes. By car Woodingdean to Lewes takes (approx) 15 minutes by road as the two are 10.3 km (6.4 miles) apart. Knowing the history of the area I go to thinking about how these places were connected before the car was invented, my thoughts drifted to an age when horse or foot was the only way. So a while back I decided to walk the route myself from Lewes to Woodingdean and found out that from Lewes Castle (in Lewes) to The Downs Hotel (in Woodingdean) it took an hour and a half to walk and was a shorter distance of 7.5 km (4.7 miles) as it cut the corner off completely.

"Ten" :- These iron posts that are sunk deep into Brighton's beach once held high the boards and entertainments of the West Pier. It was built in 1866 by Eugenius Birch and played host to families since the late Victorian age right through until it was closed to the public in 1975. I have fond memories of being on the West Pier with my mother and father, I must have been around 7 or 8 years old but some of the sights and rides of the pier are still stuck in my head. I find it all very sad when i think back to just how beautiful she was and the joy she provided for so many.

"Bunker Door" :- I only stumbled upon this unsightly mess and doorway on Sunday as I walked along the clifftop between Saltdean and Telscombe. I'd never seen it before nor did I know it was there but once again I found myself shaking my head in disgust at just how slovenly and ignorant the human race can be. The cliffs line the south coast and are so beautiful, they have stood for millions of years and play host to wildlife, families and many dog walkers. Have we no respect at all?

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill