Monday, 17 February 2014

Heaven's Mirror, I'm Looking Through You and Middle of Nowhere

"Heaven's Mirror" :- Shot one month ago on the 19th Jan 2014 at Ovingdean Gap near Brighton, England. There are many subjects and places that I return to time and time again. Just because I've taken images there before doesn't mean that I should not return and grab a few more. So the beach at Ovingdean Gap has become one of my many muses. If you get it right you'll find you have the entire area to yourself with no interruptions. It's calm, peaceful and very tranquil. As the day transforms into night most people leave the beach and go home, this is ideal for me as it means I get to catch the sunset in all it's beauty without a dog running into shot or some child asking me "What are you doing?" or even worse an adult asking me that time old overused question of "Get any good photos?". The best bit for me is that this beach is just a 25 minute walk from my front door.

"I'm Looking Through You" :- Here's a shot taken on Brighton's famous Victorian Pier. The windowed partition / windbreaker has the odd gap situated along its length to allow people out for a stroll to change sides if need be. This image is looking East through one of the gaps and towards Kemp Town, the Marina, Roedean and Ovingdean. It's official name is "Brighton Marine Palace and Pier", it was affectionately known as the "Palace Pier" but the present owners informally renamed it the "Brighton Pier" in 2000 (the name change is not recognised by the National Piers Society or many of the residents of Brighton and Hove).

"Middle of Nowhere" :- Two figures walk along an otherwise empty Brighton beach on the south coast of England. Behind them the English Channel merges seamlessly with the sky with only the odd boat letting you know that it's there at all. This image was taken in April 2013 during a heatwave that had hit the south. Everything was shimmering and generating heat. The pebbles on the beach were hot to the touch, the Victorian metal railings were too hot to touch and when you took a rest on one of the many benches situated on the front you could feel your backside and legs start to burn. It was glorious.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill