Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Red Bin, Wet Footbridge and Martha Gunn

"Red Bin" :- This is a shot of the Hove Park cafe boarded and closed up for the night. It sits just within Hove Park which opened in 1906 and is (approximately) 40 acres in size and located on the Old Shoreham Road (A270).

"Wet Footbridge" :- A bleak, wet and stark view of the footbridge at Brighton Marina that spans between the multi-storey car park and Mermaid Walk where the cafe's and restaurants are located. It had been raining heavily and the brooding clouds were low and heavy, threatening to open up again and dowse everything once again. I was trying to get to cover as quickly as possible but stopped en route to grab this shot.

"Martha Gunn" :- If you are wondering about the title of this image there's a boat to the right of this image (numbered 1153) and it's name painted on the back is "Martha Gunn". The boat is named after one of Brighton's most famous residents so i thought I'd use this image to tell you a little about her. Martha Gunn (1726-1815) lived in East Street (No.36) in Brighton and that house still stands to this very day. She was a "Dipper" (operator of a bathing machine used by women bathers) and was once described by a newspaper as "The Venerable Priestess of the Bath". She ended up being famous not just in Brighton but within the UK. It has been noted that she was one of the Prince of Wales's favourites and that she had free access to the royal kitchens withing the Royal Pavilion (which was very near to East Street where she lived). Martha Gunn is buried in St Nicholas' churchyard which is the oldest church in Brighton. This dank and damp image of a wet seafront and promenade looks timeless to me even though it was only taken a week or so ago. There are no electric lights to give the date away, no modern trappings and no skateboarders, bongo players or jugglers to ruin the illusion. A modern day Victorian Brighton!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill