Saturday, 22 February 2014

Watching, Scattered and Call at the Front

"Watching" :- This is a view from the Rottingdean Terraces looking out over the English Channel as the sun sets. The terraces were built during the 1950's and have recently been renovated, during the Summer months they also put on live performances of music, plays and shows.

"Scattered" :- One of my favourite haunts is the stretch of beach that lays between the old, historical villages of Ovingdean and Rottingdean on the Sussex coast near Brighton. The beach is very different from the beach that you find at Brighton. This beach is full of rocks, chalk beds and pools, it's also flatter and more barren. When you're there you get a feeling of what the planet must have been like when it was just starting out. Before man arrived, polluted it and concreted it over.

"Call at the Front" :- A couple of old British icons stand firm near the entrance to Brighton's famous pier. There are still a few of these left and dotted around Brighton but most have been replaced by unattractive chrome edged glasshouses that let all the noise in and your conversation out. Of course most phone boxes stand empty now anyway as everyone carries their own phones nowadays. Personally I love these old bright red boxes with their scratchy glass and shelf for phone book etc. They are now very outdated but I smile each and every time I see one.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill