Monday, 28 April 2014

Five Distant Benches, Waterlogged Car Park and Becalmed

"Five Distant Benches" :- This is an image of the cliff top path that runs between Saltdean & Rottingdean on the south coast of England. It was shot looking west with Rottingdean just over the brow of the steep hill, the English Channel can just be seen to the left. I like this image because there are many angles, lines and levels to visually explore within it.

"Waterlogged Car Park" :- A small gravel car park by Marine Drive (the A259) coast road at Roedean, Brighton (UK) has its pot holes and undulations filled with rain water. The harsh light causes the grass bank and lamp posts to fall into silhouette, beyond the coast road the sea (English Channel) stretches off for many flat miles.

"Becalmed" :- This image is very new as it was only taken on Thursday 24th April 2014 and then processed yesterday (Sunday 27th). It was shot from the very end of Brighton's famous pier just as the sun was setting around 8 pm. The sea was deadly calm and still which enabled the evenings hues to reflect and light up the surface. Bang in the middle of the image a small boat sits afloat drinking in the last light of the day.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill