Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Stone Path, Wet Glow and St Aubyns Mansions

"Stone Path" :- A slightly overgrown village path disappears into vanishing point as evening begins to fade. The path leads to an extraordinary and staggering sight as the village is no ordinary village ... for this is the village of Avebury which sits within the largest stone circle in Europe (and possbly the world). It's estimated that the stone circle was constructed somewhere around 2600 BCE which makes it the oldest stone ring that is known to be in existence anywhere on the planet and older than the more famous Stonehenge. The circle and stones cover 28 acres of land with the stones varying in height from nine to over twenty feet and weighing up to 40 tons each! Sadly there are now only 27 stones but originally that (approx) 98 made up the circles. I spent the afternoon and evening there last Sunday (18th May 2014) wandering around Avebury and its incredible standing stones.

"Wet Glow" :- Mid afternoon on the undercliff walk between the villages of Saltdean & Rottingdean on the south coast of England. Rough waves had been pounding the sea wall during high tide and patches of water and wet concrete were glistening away in the sunlight.

"St Aubyns Mansions" :- As you wander around the streets, roads and promenades Brighton & Hove display some fascinating architecture between them. This magnificent building is called St Aubyns Mansions and it's situated on King's Esplanade in Hove, UK. Its plans were approved in 1899 and it was to be the first stage of a grande developement plan but things quickly deteriorated and this block was the only one ever built. It's now been restored and converted into many dfferent apartments but it was originally intended to be just eight luxury residential flats. With only a small road between in and the promenade St Aubyns Mansions is one of the nearest residential buildings to the sea along the entire Brighton & Hove coastline.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill