Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Behind the Marina, White Dome and Ball Room

"Behind the Marina" :- This area was once rock pools and sea. I vaguely remember it all before the major construction began in 1971. It took a long time to build but eventually Brighton Marina was opened to the public in 1978 and officially opened in 1979 by Her Majesty the Queen. Different bits have been added ever since with housing rising up and a large supermarket being built along with a casino and multiplex cinema. The section of the undercliff walk that runs at the base of the chalk cliffs behind the marina was never built that well. It floods and is forever swimming in water and mud. It's quite trecherous and hard to navigate at times. The surprise is that the older 1930's sections of the undercliff walk were constructed much better and therefore drain properly and do not fill with water. Sometimes we are far too clever for our own good.

"White Dome" :- Bexhill (or Bexhill-on-Sea) is town in Sussex that's sandwiched bewteeen Eastbourne and Hastings on the South coast of England. It's most famous building is the 1930's De La Warr Pavilion which was built in the International Modernist style and was the first welded steel frame building in the country. Directly in front of it there's a promenade and a wonderful white Colonnade that first opened to the public in 1911. A couple of years ago the Grade II listed Colonnade underwent a £3.5 million renovation and now looks as though it was built yesterday. Looking at this image it's hard to believe that this was shot in an English seaside town and not in some Mediterranean resort.

"Ball Room" :- A room with serious "wow factor". In fact that's the word that I uttered as I walked in. "WOW!". This ballroom is steeped in a thick and rich history. It's in Bletchley Mansion which resides within Bletchley Park, the famous code breaking facility during WWII. The Mansion's beginnings can be traced back to the 1870's and was bought (including the surrounding estate) by a wealthy stockbroker in 1883. The opulent interior was later added in 1906. When the Second World War began the Mansion quickly became the HQ for the major codebreaking sections.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill