Thursday, 31 July 2014

Clifftop Silhouette, Dungeon Steps and West Pier Booth

"Clifftop Silhouette" :- Shot from the top of he cliffs at Ovingdean gap near brighton on the south coast of England. Concrete posts and wire cables are all that stop you from an 80ft drop down to the undercliff walk and sea below. The view of the English Channel from up here is sunning but at certain times of the year when the weather conditions are just right it can become breathtaking. This was shot at the end of January this year (2014) around 6 pm just as the sun was going down.

"Dungeon Steps" :- I knew this would make a great image and found myself at the bottom of the stone spiral steps setting up the shot without anyone else around. There was a stone cold feeling in the air and a sound of constant dripping. The walls were wet and slimy green with damp, it was quite a horrendous place to be...and it was designed to be so. This is the view from the underground dungeon in Pevensey Castle in East Sussex, England. In the 15th Century the Castle was a state prison, this is where prisoners would be 'chucked' and basically left in the pitch black cold hole. The only light they got was when the door that used to be across this opening was opened and food (or someone else) would be thrown in. If you look carefully you can see holes in the wall (top of image) on either side of the doorway. That's where the large wooden beam would be slid into to hold the door shut, bolted from the outside with no hope of escape. The Castle actually has two dungeons, this one with the spiral staircase and an "oubliette" which was only accessible via a trap door.

"West Pier Booth" :- It's odd lookng at this image now. At the time I didn't think much about it and took it as an afterthought but now it means so much. This entire area is now flattened and about to be the construction site for the controversial i360 Observation tower that's costing over 46 million pounds to build. Some in brighton like the idea and are all for it (mainly the contractors and Brighton Council), some are hugely against it (a vast majority of Brighton's residents). So what you see in this image is no more. Obviously the high rise apartment block (right) is still there as that's on the other side of the road but the rusting iron support post, metal fence and supports have all een demolished. The little Victorian booth at the top has vanished too. I have no idea if they dismantled it, flattened it or simply picked it up and stuck it on the back of a truck but it's gone. We have been told that it will reappear as part of the new tower when it's completed but just how they are going to do that (if they do it at all) is anyone's guess. Funny thing is this image is now a historical record of what was once there. I have to be honest and say I am not a fan of what they have done to Brighton over the last few years. I'm all for change and advancement but not at the expense of a famous seaside resort with many Victorian landmarks.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill