Monday, 14 July 2014

Looe Harbour Wall, Light Water and Dark Green Lines

"Looe Harbour Wall" :- Low tide on a Cornish beach. The heavy clouds make the perfect backdrop as the evening sun drops down and illuminates the harbour wall. This is the beach at Looe, a small coastal town and fishing port in Cornwall, England. I didn't get too long to explore this beautiful town as I arrived mid afternoon and left the following morning but I was lucky enough to have the sunset coincide with the low tide that evening. It was wonderful to be able to walk out on the wet sands.

"Light Water" :- A June evening helped provide the right atmosphere for this shot and image of Brighton's famous pier and tourist attraction. The pier opened on 20th May 1899 and cost £137,000 to build which was a colossal amount of money back then. It is 1,760 feet (536.44 meters) in length which is (approx) a third of a mile. It's decks are made up of 85 miles of planking and the entire structure is illuminated at night by 67,000 lights. Over three million people a year visit this Victorian structure so that also means a lot of fish & chips and ice creams are consumed!

"Dark Green Lines" :- Shot from deep within the Castle Hill National Nature Reserve on the outskirts of Brighton in Sussex. Thsi entire area has been designated a Biogenetic Reserve by the Council of Europe and is a Special Area of Conservation under the European Habitats Directive. The reserve is ‘open access’ land which mean you can freely wander around the site although they do advise that you keep to the paths as much as possible so that wildlife is not disturbed too much. The thing that blows my mind the most though is that for the sake of a 10 minute drive from this idyllic place you can be right in the middle of the City of Brighton with all it's history, seaside, mayhem, roadworks and chaos. Crazy.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill