Monday, 16 February 2015

Mirrored Slipway, Water Trough and Into The Light

Mirrored Slipway :- The rocky, exposed beach at the foot of the cliffs between Ovingdean Gap and Roedean in Brighton on the south coast of England. This section of the beach contaiuns large reflective pools of salt water left behind as the tide goes out twice a day. When it's calm and warm they act like huge mirrors and hgelp create a surreal and alien landscape. To the lefgt of the image you can see Brighton's mighty Marina. The huge protective sea wall (at the base of the cliffs) is part of the undercliff walk that was constructed from 1930 to 1933. It runs for 5.39 kilometres (3.35 miles) and at the time cost £360,000 to build.

Water Trough :- A day out with the camera that turned out ot be rather muddier than I'd anticipated. By the time I eventually did make it back home the muscles in my legs were killing me as the mud had made every step and move an arduous task. This old metal water trough sits in a field in the village of Ovingdean, you can tell it's used a lot by the amount of wear around it and the hoof prints in the mud from the cows (who are most probably more sure on their feet in the mud than I was).

Into The Light :- This is a very busy stretch of road in Brighton so I had to be very patient and wait in order to get my timing right to get the shot withough many people or traffic in the image. This is a shot of the tunnel / railway bridge on New England Road. The tunnel is (aprox) 211 metres or 231 yards in length and supports nine sets of train tracks that connect Brighton's train station with the rest of the country. Brighton station opened in 1840 and this bridge / tunnel was constructed just one year later in 1841. It was much smaller then and has been expanded over the years. Even during the day the tunnel seems to devour all light and exudes darkness and gloom. It is however a vaste testiment to the industrial revolution and Victorian engineering.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill