Friday, 2 October 2015

Horse of Many Flowers, Heavy Horizon and Ploughed

Horse of Many Flowers :- This is a shot of "Ye Olde Black Horse" pub in Rottingdean High Street. It's the oldest pub in the coastal village as it dates back to 1513 AD. The pub was originally known as the "Black Hole" and also had a blacksmith's forge within its walls. A section of the pub is known as "The Snug" and underneath that there's a tunnel that linked to other tunnels beneath the village that allowed Rottingdean's smugglers to bring their goods inland without detection. It's said that during the 1700's The Black Horse would almost certainly have been a meeting place for smugglers. Just a few weeks ago the pub won a Brighton & Hove City In Bloom 2015 Award.

Heavy Horizon :- I love the weird looking broiling clouds in this image. They looked dangerous ... as if they could engulf you and make you vanish in an instant. They were low too, hanging just over the sea and slowly edging forward as if they were trying to creep up on you unawares. An electricity was in the air, you could almost feel it crackling around you as the taste of salt was on your lips and a chill filled your lungs with each and every breath. Awesome.

Ploughed :- I have said it so many times but the simplest things are always by far the best. It doesn't matter that there's hardly anything there or that there's not much to hold one's's really all about composition. Don't over complicate. Don't over clutter. Don't be afraid to ignore or break rules.Keep it simple. The field had recently been turned over and the rich browns of the earth were catching the late afternoon sunlight. The green hill and beautiful blue sky were a perfect compliment and backdrop.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill