Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Purple Sea, Boarded and Redwood

Purple Sea :- There are times when I am out with the camera that I feel like I'm not on this planet at all. The landscape and lighting sometimes catches me out completely and it's as though I am standing on a completely alien world somewhere else within the Universe. It may come as no surprise to discover this was one of those moments. I'd been out for walk to Rottingdean which is the adjoining village to where I live. After spending some time there I walked along via the undercliff walk to Ovingdean Gap, took some shots there and then took the stairs to the top of the cliffs to go home. Something in me made me change my mind and I found I was walking over the cliff tops back towards Rottingdean. The sun was getting lower in the evening sky and a strange and unusual hue was starting to invade everything. I eventually found myself up on Beacon Hill Nature Reserve which sits between the two villages and that was when I saw this other worldly sight. An orange sky above a purple sea. Breathtaking and highly surreal. Just like something form a fantasy novel or a science fiction film. It didn't last long. Just a few minutes later and the sea was back to its usual dark blue / green / grey.

Boarded :- It's not exactly what people expect to see when they think of Brighton or its 'iconic' seafront. The Aqauarium Terraces has played host to various structures, kiosks, stalls, rides and buildings over the years. They have always been an open and fun place to wander and take in the sun ... well, up until a few years ago anyway. All of a sudden some new and very modern looking building sprung up. They made no attempt to fit in with the surrounding area and jarred with the 1920's and 30's architecture that surrounded them. Suddenly we had fast food restaurants (the sad way of the world), amusement arcardes, a restaurant and a few buildings standing empty. That was it for a few years and then just as quick as they'd been built the shutters came down and everything was closed up and left vacant and that's how things have remained. The only difference now is that much has been boarded over and therefore looks twice as unsightly as it did before. Fingers crossed that soon something will be done with this historic section of seafront and that it will be an area that all can enjoy and not just a wealthy select few.

Redwood :- No, not the USA at all but a little part of Sussex in Southern England. This is Nymans, a National Trust property located at Handcross in West Sussex. The gardens were created in 1890 and was home to the Messel family. There are so many plants, shrubs and trees to discover in this expetensive and huge garden estate. Nymans is famous for having several Giant Redwood within its grounds.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill