Monday, 23 November 2015

Brighton Lights, Wet light and White Horizon

Brighton Lights :- Evening beginning to smother the day. I braced mysef against the wind as it came off the sea and whipped up over the top of the cliffs at Ovingdean Gap. The street lights lining the main coast road into Brighton were starting to glow and the light spill was hitting the cold metal safety railings at the top of the steps. In the distance Brighton was lighting up for the night and further around Worthing was beginning to twinkle too.

Wet Light :- I was the only one brave enough to venture out in the dartkness across the exposed sand. A small LED pocket torch helped me pick my way out and carefully choose my route making sure I didn't get a boot full of water or stand in an area of bubbling quicksand. It's easily done if you don't pay attention. Some areas look solid until you stand on them olny to discover it's sandy coloured still water. I was also using the legs of my tripod to prod the sand infront of me before I took each step just to make sure. I finally made it to where I'd been aiming for, set up and took the shot. Sounds from the pier fell down onto the beach and mixed with the evening cacophony of the seaside City as it left the land and drifted out to sea. The lights danced and sparkled. I stood for a minute or two, taking it all in before carefully picking my way back to the safety of the pebbles and coastal nightlife.

White Horizon :- Sometimes the best shots are the ones where there's little there. You don't always realise just how hemmed in and crowded we all are until you stand at a point where you are surrounded by space. Here you can breath, feel the wind and hear things as they drift across. In the villages, towns and cities you get used to having your senses bombarded 24/7. A constant battering of noises and information, never letting up and constantly chasing you. Once in a while you have to step out from it all and find peace. It's vital to your sanity.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill