Saturday, 21 November 2015

Incandescence, Brighton Lanes and Dawn of Time

Incandescence :- A blaze of light bounces of the wet exposed sand of Brighton beach. Usually all we get to see is pebbles on our beach but once in a while during exceptionally low tides we are treated to sights like this. I was slowly making my way along the beach toward the i360 (the tall pole you can see on the far right) and the ruins of the West Pier and taking photos as I progressed. I loved the way the harsh last light of the sun was blasting away part of the silhouetted famous Brighton pier.

Brighton Lanes :- This area and network of narrow alleyways was once part of the original settlement of Brighthelmstone (now known as Brighton). They slowly rose up throughout the 18th Century and by 1792 they were fully laid out. Many of the buildings in the area date from the 18th or 19th Century. It's now a fairly pricey and touristy area comprising mainly of caf├ęs, bars, antique shops and boutiques. You can read more about The Lanes here :- Brighton Lanes

Dawn of Time :- Huge rocks and boulders are piled up and placed on the beach to help break up the waves and protect the seafront along the south coast. They used to spend fortunes building massive breakwaters and groynes to try and control the sea but then somebody worked out that simply lobbing giant stones on the beach in a certain way would do exactly the same job thus saving time, manpower and of course money. The lighting was just right for this image, it was a hot summer's afternoon, the sea was glistening and the air was still. Wonderful.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill