Friday, 20 November 2015

Rampage, Museum Wall and Hue Goes There

Rampage :- Tucked between Gloucester Road and Trafalgar Street in Brighton's North Laine area you'll discover Trafalgar Lane. It a rather nondescript and old part of town that few tourists get to see as it's somewhat off the beaten track of fish and chip shops, sticks of rock and kiss me quick hats. Apparently the lane has always been associated with the timber trade as the lane had several carpenters, sawmills and furniture makers along it in the 1800's and there's still a timber merchant that operates from there! The lane is also well known for it's large graffiti murals that appear on the walls lining the lane. It's not your normal quick tag and off sort of graffiti. The artwork on display here is wonderful and quite out of this world!

Museum Wall :- I love this wall at night. To be honest it looks beautiful by day too but at night when it's all lit up it takes on an entirely different look and feel. All its contours and lines are picked out by the shadows as the spot lights in the paving shine up from below. This is the wall of Brighton Museum and The Dome Concert Hall as seen from Queen's Road in Brighton. The entire complex is an 1800's built fortress of gargantuan size that's full of grace and style.

Hue Goes There :- Shot from a public bridleway that sits at the top of a farmer's field in the village of Ovingdean which is a few miles to the East of Brighton. This is Domesday territory as people have been living in this area since before 1086 etc. If you were able to throw a stone over that hill in the distance you'd hit the City of Brighton itself. You wouldn't know it's there from this view as the hills neatly hide the vast, sprawling seaside resort and all the pleasures and history it has to offer. On this partiucular evening the City must have been cowering as a large and heavy storm was on its way in. A menacing, grey bank of cloud was roilling in from the West and starting to appear over the hill. The sunset was being smothered and the light was being extinguished at quite a pace. We braced ourselves for the rain.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill