Tuesday, 24 November 2015

We Don't Need No, Victorian Hut and Equanimity

We Don't Need No... :- I'd heard about it, read up about it, looked it up and found out where it was. Found a rough location / post code to stick in the sat nav and set off. About an hour or so later I found myself driving up a few very narrow country lanes, lined with trees and feeling like I'd travelled back in time more than I'd wished too. The sat nav announced I had reached my destination but I still couldn't see anything, just trees. So I carried on, my eyes on the road and also scanning the area as i drove through looking for it. Another 15 minutes went by and still nothing. I decided to admit defeat and thought it best to head back to the main road, civilisation and the 21st Century. Then out of the blue, there it was. Like "Brigadoon" it appeared in a clearing down in amongst the trees. It looked eerie, creepy and like something froma fantasy novel or film. Thoughts of Witches fattening up children and firing up the oven entered my head. It looked wonderful. So I parked up and made my way down to it not quite ready for or expecting the feeling of unease that suddenly hit me as I walked around. This is the old derelict Bedham School and Mission Church of St. Michæl and All Angels in West Sussex. It was built in 1880 and ceased being used somewhere around 1959. It now sits in the middle of a 395 acre nature reserve in the middle of nowhere but quite near to somewhere.

Victorian Hut :- I wish I could tell you all about this old Victorian Booth / Hut on Brighton's promenade but there's very little about it on the net. Below it is the old shelter hall that was built in the 1880's, the hall is in dager of collapsing and needs to be rebuilt which means this wonderful little cafe that sits atop will vanish into the annals of history too as the new plans drawn up (because of a £9 million investment award from the Department for Transport’s Highways Maintenance Challenge Fund) show that a bigger room will be built on the upper promenade as well as rebuilding the hall on the lower prom. I am amazed that Brighton's history has been mistreated and left to rot over the years to the point where it has to be demolished and replaced with a modern version of what they think victorian looks like. It's like when you find a British Bar or Inn abroad and you pop in for a drink...you can see what they were trying to do and it's sort of there but it['s not quite the same as the real thing. Something's always out of whack.

Equanimity :- Breath in. Breath out. Time it with the sound of the waves on the shoreline. Breath in with the spill of water, breath out with the draw of the pebbles. Watch the colours fade and change. Watch the gulls soar and glide. Want for nothing and wish for peace.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill